M-TRADE (Multimodal TRAnsportation supporteD by EGNOS) is a project co-funded by the Galileo Joint Undertaking (GJU) in the 2nd call of a 6th Framework Programme contract.

M-TRADE started in September 2005 and has a duration of 18 months.

M-TRADE goal is to promote the introduction and deployment of GNSS (EGNOS / Galileo) technologies and applications in the multimodal freight transport user community.

M-TRADE implements and validates an end-to-end “solution” providing user-oriented GNSS services for freight containers and swap bodies tracking & tracing (T&T), and evaluates their introduction in Customs and Border Control applications.

M-TRADE services fulfil user needs and operative requirements, for increasing safety and efficiency of the multimodal transportation:
• “In-Node” – Shunting and Terminal yard management
• “On-Route”:
- Remote asset and resource localisation
- Freight tracking & tracing (including perishable and dangerous materials).

Real-life demonstrations and trials are implemented to:
• Prove the validity of the M-TRADE solution, in terms of main “service enablers” (such as technology, services, user benefits, acceptance, impacts on operations and procedures);
• Assess applications for which EGNOS/Galileo differentiators have “market” value for the whole downstream value-chain, and related services can be successful commercially exploited;
• Validate EGNOS / Galileo use in real business cases;
• Create awareness towards the target audience;
• Provide guidelines/recommendations for stimulating the introduction of EGNOS / Galileo in the considered segment.

The pilots are set up over combined maritime-road-rail-river freight chains, involving the:
• Genoa maritime-rail-road port
• Bologna rail-road Interport
• Budapest rail-road Interport.

As a result, M-TRADE contributes to the exploitation of freight multimodality, as in line with EU policies of a sustainable transport (in particular the White Paper) and enhancement of international trade.

Vienna, M-TRADE Phase II was completed and Phase III has started:
A one-month demonstration campaign was successfully performed from week 43 to week 46 of 2006
The second newsletter is available on Public Document area.