M-TRADE Consortium

The M-TRADE Consortium is composed of thirteen partners, from seven different European countries, including a recently accessed country (Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Spain).
The Consortium is lead by Telespazio and constituted of some major European companies together with SMEs (participating for about 20% of the overall project work), and Research Institutes, with complementary positions in the value chain and skills covering all required technical competences.
Satellite companies with GNSS know-how, service providers and operators, technology developers and vendors, system integrators, ITS technology suppliers, application software developers, institutional actors, market experts, intermodal freight transport users, are amongst the key profiles of the companies involved.
Since the beginning the project, also Intalcontainer has been providing valuable inputs and contributions to the project, and GJU is presently evaluating the possibility to involve it in the Consortium team.

In particular, the M-TRADE team involves:

Telespazio, Finmeccanica/Alcatel company, is one of the main world-wide players in satellite management and control, and in services for Earth observation, for Navigation and for integrated and value added connectivity, leveraging on its technological competences, its facilities, the participation in the main European Programmes (i.e. Cosmo SkyMed and Galileo).
To date, its consolidated business areas are:
- Satellite operations
- Defence
- Networks and Connectivity
- Earth Observation
- Navigation and Infomobility.
Telespazio is the coordinator of M-TRADE and is involved as GNSS expert and in GNSS Service Provisioning aspects.

Alcatel Alenia Space, leader in satellite systems and at the forefront of orbit infrastructures, combines the vast experience and know-how of Alcatel Space and Alenia Spazio and forms a new leading force in European space technology. Alcatel Alenia Space represents a worldwide standard for space development that impacts everybody’s future: from navigation to telecommunications, from meteorology to environmental monitoring, from defence to scientific and observation. An affiliate of Alcatel (67%) and Finmeccanica (33%), Alcatel Alenia Space generated a e2004 turnover of 1.8 billion euros and around 7,200 people.
Alcatel Alenia Space is involved in the application of multimodal hazardous freight and GNSS application Analysis & Assessment.

BILK Kombiterminal Co. Plc. (Budapest Intermodal Logistics Centre) Combiterminal is an important member of Hungarian and regional network of combiterminals. Good location, available capacity, realized innovative technologies on terminal, and role as environmental diversion reducer for capital city provide the important state for terminal. BILK Combiterminal can work as a HUB between West - and East-Europe in combinated transport flows because of the huge relationships. BILK Kombiterminál Co. Plc. has the capacity to provide complex services covering the complete process of combined transport. With block trains running regularly, it has direct connection with the significant harbors of Europe (Hamburg, Bremenhafen, Rotterdam, Koper, Trieste, Vienna, Wels, Enns). Due to the role played by the Kombiterminál in the region, the extension of these routes can be expected towards the states of the CIS and South-Eastern Europe, thus creating the role of BILK of an eastern-western turning point. The complex and high level services are provided with the available modern equipment: reachstackers and gantry cranes operating at the terminals are capable to grasp and load any swap-bodies, transporting containers or semi-trailers used in combined transport. Due to the available up-to-date technology, the terminal has the capacity to handle an annual traffic of 150.000 TEU containers and 20.000 RO-LA lorries. 1214.
BILK is a User Logistics and is involved in the Pilot Demonstration.

GMV Sistemas S.A. is a company within the holding Grupo Tecnológico e Industrial GMV S.A., a fully Spanish, privately-owned company founded in 1984. Since then, GMV Sistemas has developed and consolidated its vocation to became a Spanish leader in applications such as vehicle fleet management (freight and passenger transport, security, etc.), telecontrol of elements and processes, development of tailor-made software for operational systems (control centres, networks, navigation services) and Geographic Information Systems' (GIS) applications."
GMV Sistemas will be in charge of the provision and adaptation of two shpider mobile units and of Shpider server for the implementation of the demonstrator. It will also participate in the results assessment phase.

HiTec is a non–university research institution promoting effective practice in the commercialisation of new and emerging technologies. As such HiTec offers research and coaching services to industry as well as to (non-) governmental organisations. HiTec’s main activities in this context are analyses of the market environment, elicitation of user requirements, design of business models and project outcome validation from a socio-economic and user point of view.
HITEC is involved in Marketing and Business Analysis.

Kayser-Threde is a leading systems house specialized in the design and development of high-technology solutions for aerospace, the automotive industry and the rail sector. The broad array of solutions includes applications in manned and unmanned space missions, data measurement and management, telematics, optics, as well as process control and remote control technology for rail power supply. Kayser-Threde was founded in 1967, is located in Munich and has around 160 customers in 22 countries.
Kayser-Threde will be in charge of the provision of two OBUs and the Rail Server for the implementation of the demonstrator.

Indra Espacio is the leading Spanish company in Ground Segment for Space Systems and Applications. Indra Espacio has more than 20 years experience in space business, in a range of activities such as project management, system engineering, design, development, integration and test, product assurance, applications development, etc. Indra Espacio develops its activities in four major areas of the Space market:
• Satellite Control Systems
• Satellite Communications Systems
• Remote Sensing
• Satellite Navigation
INDRA Espacio is the leader of the Critical Analysis phase, supporting also the analysis and assessment of GNSS & Rf-Id applications in the addressed User Community. On the other hand, INDRA Espacio is involved in the implementation phase and in the preparation of the final Recommendations and Guidelines.

Interporto Bologna consists of an integrated system of logistics, rail and road infrastructures. It covers an area of 2 million sq. m., with some 250,000 sq. m. of buildings where 81 national and international transport companies for freight transport, international forwarding, warehousing and logistics operate.
A main feature of the freight village is the railway terminal which extends over an area of 277,000 sq.m. The railway facilities include both a Container terminal (147,000 sq. m.) and Intermodal terminal (130.000 sq. m.) with 15 tracks. The trains in arrival and departure at the freight village, approx. 15 per day, link it to the main European freight hubs.
The Bologna freight village is also the first European structure of its kind equipped with a telematic network. The volumes of goods handled continue to rise and in 2002 reached a total of 3.906.000 tons of which 1.706.000 by train.
Nowadays the Bologna freight village is actually one of the most important freight village on a European level.
Interporto Bologna is User Logistics involved in the Demonstration phase and as support to Awareness and Dissemination activities.

Italcontainer is a highly specialised Intermodal Operator connecting the main italian ports to intermodal rail network.Our professional innovation has given life to a comprehensive network of rail connections, with the use of programmed Block Trains to and from Italian ports, thereby responding to the requirements of various Logistic Operators, Shipping Lines and Freight Forwarders.
Our expertise is not limited to the Italian territory. For international services, our esteemed partnership with the celebrated European Intermodal Operators as TX-Logistik or INTERCONTAINER-INTERFRIGO permits us to organise rail transport for both containers and swap bodies between Italian and European rail stations, including the Soviet Republic.
To complement these services we also provide intermodal transport (truck/rail). As a result of agreements we currently hold with various operators within the industry, we also cater for a large and extensive range of terminal services. All this adds up to a complete door to door package tailor-made for customer requirements.

LogicaCMG is a major international force in IT services and wireless telecoms. It provides management and IT consultancy, systems integration and outsourcing services to clients across diverse markets including telecoms, financial services, energy and utilities, industry, distribution and transport and the public sector. The company employs around 21,000 staff in offices across 35 countries and has more than 40 years of experience in IT services. Headquartered in Europe, LogicaCMG is listed on both the London and Amsterdam stock exchanges (LSE: LOG; Euronext: LOG).
LogicaCMG is a leading supplier of mission critical management and control systems for space applications. We provide innovative, secure, mission-critical and highly cost effective solutions. We are defining and developing the next generation of satnav systems and applications, building on many years.
Our industry specialist groups work with our satnav experts to deliver solutions that meet business needs. The mobility telematics group has experience of the core processes required by traffic, transport and logistics companies and deliver business consultancy and solutions accordingly.
LogicaCMG is involved in the GNSS Application Analysis & Assessment.

Sistemi e Telematica (SeT - Elsag-Finmeccanica Group) is an ICT solution provider in the field of Maritime Transport and Logistics. The company has gained in the years a wide experience of all processes in the complex scenario of maritime and intermodal operations.
SeT operates in the areas of:
- EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solutions for the transport community and logistic platforms in general,
- Port and Vessel Traffic Control (VTS),
- Real time control systems for port and intermodal terminal operations,
- Organisation and technology consulting for public agencies and private businesses operating in the customs and transport sector.
SeT participates in the development of more than 12 EU Research Projects in the last ten years.
SeT is certified compliant with ISO 9001 Vision 2000
Sistemi e Telematica is involved in the demonstration campaign and represents the link with the VTS and CCS (Cargo Community System) in the Port of Genoa.

Sogei was set up in Rome, in 1976, to create the Italian Tax Registry and to enable the Tax Administration to implement the complex tax reform of 1973.
Sogei is a 100% state-owned Italian ICT company; in its role of institutional partner of the Tax Administration, guarantees the delivery of high quality services to enable taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations in an efficient, transparent and fair environment.
The activities Sogei has undertaken over the last 30 years to design and implement the Italian tax information system have enabled it to acquire a technical, organisational and administrative know how.
The Company also provides ongoing specialized and organizational consultancy to identify solutions to issues of particular interest to the Tax Administration and contributing to its modernization.
The e-government solutions concern direct and indirect taxation, customs, management of real estate assets (cadastre, mortgages’ office, State properties), mutual cooperation among E.U. Tax Administrations, control of healthcare expenditure, management and control of public gaming, disaster recovery and security of ICT systems.
Sogei also provides specialised and professional e-learning services for human resource training and customer care.
The Company is also partner in international consortia set up to drive forward European projects funded by the European Commission, in the ICT area, and by the GJU Galileo Joint Undertaking, in the areas of satellite maritime transport surveillance, satellite environmental control and satellite freights tracking and tracing.

Trenitalia, Company entirely owned by Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato SpA, was born on 1° June 2000 in the framework of the dramatic process of restructuring of the rail industry in Italy accordingly the European directives on the liberalisation of the rail market, that have established for rail industry the separation between railway undertakings and infrastructure management. The above liberalisation in fact means a more efficient organisation, competence of the human resources and a more quality of the product offered. The mission of Trenitalia is to assure offer to be able to satisfy, in national and European sector, the needs of mobility of passengers on urban, medium and long distance, and to assure mobility of the goods even out of the national area.
Trenitalia is the rail user involved in Demonstration phase.

TTS Italia is the Italian ITS Association founded in 1999 with the aim of contributing to the improvement of efficiency and safety in the Italian transport system through ITS solutions. The mission of TTS Italia is to foster the deployment and diffusion of ITS in Italy in the most effective manner for users. Among TTS Italia members there are the major organisations involved in ITS in Italy, such as: Public Authorities, Motorway Operators, Mobility Agencies, Public Transport Companies, Research Institutes, Lorry and Bus Manufacturers, ITS Services Providers, ITS Systems Integrators, Universities, etc.
TTS Italia in involved in Awareness and Dissemination activities.

via donau – Österreichische Wasserstraßen-Gesellschaft mbH is a modern waterway management company which provides competitive transportation infrastructure in the Danube and works on innovative logistics solutions aimed at increasing the utilization of this waterway. Additionally, via donau is tackling important new projects, in particular in planning and implementing the Comprehensive River Engineering Project on the Danube to the east of Vienna, as well as in operating the river navigation information system DoRIS – Donau River Information Services.
via donau is involved in Result Assessment and Awareness and Dissemination Activities.

Finally, M-TRADE Project will be supported by two Sponsors which are:
- The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport
- Thetis, an Italian company involved in ITS solutions for public transport, logistics and sea transport


The project gathers the skills of leading European companies and organisations (manufacturers, service operators, research and user centres). The effort of the whole M-TRADE consortium is addressed towards a high degree of co-operation also considering the good balance in terms of competence and skill.

Coordinator Partner

Telespazio SpA - Via Tiburtina 965, 00156 Rome (Italy)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Antonella Di Fazio
Project Manager / WP1 Leader and Team Leader of TPZ
+39 06 4079 6329 antonella.difazio@telespazio.com
Antonella Falco Contract Manager +39 06 4079 6285 antonella.falco@telespazio.com
Giuseppe Corrao WP Leader +39 06 4079 3408 giuseppe.corrao@telespazio.com


Alcatel Alenia Space France - 26, avenue J.F.ChampollionBP, 118731037 Toulouse Cedex (France)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Sabine Caillault Team Leader for AAS +33 (0) 5 3435 4856 sabine.caillault@

Bilk Kombiterminal - 1239 Budapest, Európa út 4 (Hungary)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Zoltán Kemenesi Team Leader for Bilk +36 1 2896001 kemenesi@bilkkombi.hu

GMV Sistemas - P.T.B Boecillo Parcela 101, E-47151 Boecillo Valladolid (Spain)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Carlos Busnadiego Gutiérrez Team Leader for GMV Sistemas +34 983 546 554 ccbg@gmvsistemas.es

Hitec - Lothringerstrasse 14/6, 1030 Vienna (Austria)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Johanna Berndorfer WP Leader and Team Leader for HITEC +43 1 718 25 30 17 jb@hitec.at

INDRA - Avenida Diagonal 188, 08018 Barcelona (Spain)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Carlos Alvarez Quiroga WP Leader and Team Leader for INDRA +34 93 400 58 00 caquiroga@indra.es

Interporto Bologna - Via Altabella 15, 40126 Bologna (Italy)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Angelo Aulicino Team Leader for I-BO +39 051 2913 003 aulicino@bo.interporto.it

Italcontainer - c/o Centro Doganale Terminal FS, 40010 Bologna (Italy)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Javier Casanas Team Leader for ITC +39 051 6651 851 projects@italcontainer.it

KAYSER-THREDE - Wolfratshauser Str. 48, 81379 Munich (Germany)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Sven Muncheberg Team Leader for KT +49 (0)89 72495 121 Sven.Muencheberg@

LOGICACMG - Lange Voorhout 3 P.O. Box 187, 2501 CD Den Haag (The Netherlands)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Rob Postema Team Leader for LogicaCMG +31 (0) 70 302 9 302
+31 (0) 6 21 22 40 45
Suzanne Smit Technical support +31 (0) 20 5033 000 Suzanne.Smit@

SeT - Via al Molo Giano - Calata Grazie, 16128 Genoa (Italy)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Alberto Magrassi WP Leader and Team Leader for SeT +39 010 27126520 a.magrassi@set-network.com

Sogei - Via Mario Carucci 99, 00143 Rome (Italy)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Roberto Capua Team Leader for Sogei +39 06 50253428 rcapua@sogei.it

Trenitalia Divisione Cargo - Via Massimo D’Azeglio 38, 40123 Bologna (Italy)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Francesco Del Vecchio Team Leader fot TI +39 06 44103537
+39 335 7152344

TTS Italia – Via di Priscilla 101, 00199 Rome (Italy)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Leonardo Domanico WP2.3, WP3.3, WP4.3 Leader +39 06 97276523 leonardo.domanico@

via donau - Donau City Straße 1, 1220 – Vienna (Austria)
Name Role in M-TRADE Phone E-mail
Christoph Amlacher WP Leader and Team Leader for via donau

+43 (0) 50 4321-1608



Name Company E-mail
Pietrantonio Isola Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti p.isola@infrastrutturetrasporti.it
Enrico Bigi Thetis enrico.bigi@thetis.it